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9,400 SQM


Al Naser District- Jordan

Lè Naser Avenue

Nestled in Al Naser district of Amman,
Jordan, the Al Naser Commercial
Project stands as an embodiment of
innovation and sustainability. It is an
architectural endeavor that tackles the
complexities of urban development within
a topographically challenging area.
Architectural Strategy:

Our approach at Smeirat Architects was
to embed the parking infrastructure within
the lower floors, including cellar levels 2
and 1, transforming these spaces into
efficient and unobtrusive elements of the
urban fabric. By elevating the basement
to emulate a ground floor experience, we
enhance the accessibility and visibility
of storefronts, inviting engagement and
bolstering commerce.
The architectural language of the Al
Naser Commercial Project is one of bold
modernity and fluidity. The slanted columns
are a signature design feature, not merely
structural necessities but also sculptural
forms that break the conventional solidity
of slabs.